At Cellar Masters, we recognize wines need to be stored in ideal climate controlled conditions, in order to mature gracefully and be protected from spoilage.

Temperature and humidity are both important elements within wine cellars.

The ideal temperature to store wine for proper aging is to maintain temperature between 55 – 60 degrees. While heat can damage a wine, giving it an astringent or overly acidic characteristic, the threshold for temperature damage begins at about 70 degrees. An occasional spike won’t hurt your collection, but prolonged exposure such as a week-long heat wave can.

Wines must be stored in a room with humidity levels ranging from 50 to 70 percent. When the humidity is higher than the normal range, mold can start to grow on the wine racks and wine labels, including the walls and ceiling. The worst is when molds grow on the cork and contaminate the wine.

When the humidity is lower than normal range, you run the risk of the cork may shrink and become brittle. When it loses its elasticity, it will allow an unwanted amount of oxygen to enter the bottle and mix with the wine. When this happens, the wine will be oxidized, causing off flavors and aromas. Moreover, the wine’s aging process will accelerate.

Our cooling experts will design a system that will meet the needs of your space, ensuring your collection has the proper environment to age your wines.

To help ensure the quality of your wine, Cellar Masters also offers annual service contracts to maintain the optimal operation of your cooling system after installation.

We support three different options to best fit the needs of your wine cellar:

  • self-contained system
  • split system
  • ducted system
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