Wine storage lockers

Our secure, reliable, climate-controlled wine storage locker service is a cost-effective, worry-free way to protect your investment.  We offer over 3,000 square feet of wine storage at our facility in Newbury Park, California. Temperatures are controlled at 55–57°F (13-14°C) with constant humidity. Video monitoring and a security system are in place for your peace of mind.

Locker sizes range from 12 cases to 250 cases*, and are charged at $16.50 per case per year (as of 1/2019). Deliveries are able to be accepted during regular business hours, and are held in a secured temperature controlled space for up to 2 weeks for as little as $1/case.

Please inquire for current vacancies.

* Case capacity based on standard 10x12x12 inch wine boxes.  Capacity will be less if racks or shippers are utilized.